The treasure hunt about the History of Lyon

Discover the history of Lyon in games track and fun orienteering races as a team.

Cohésion d'équipe Lyon
Companies and associations

Team Building

Specialist in Lyon and its history, ExploraLyon organizes team-building in the form of treasure hunts for companies and associations. A challenge that is both fun and educational to live as a team.

Many companies and associations have already experienced our customizable activity according to your needs.


Treasure hunts

Discover the history of Lyon in a fun and educational team activity.

Choose a treasure hunt theme and embark on the adventure: waypoints to find, puzzles to solve and challenges to overcome to try to beat the other teams and win a prize on arrival !

An original experience to enjoy with family or friends.

Runners ans athletes

Fun orienteering races

Ready to take up a sporting challenge as a team?

Discover the history of Lyon in an original fun orienteering race.

Connect the crossing points scattered around the city as quickly as possible and complete the challenges offered on the course to accumulate as many points as possible and hope to finish on the podium.

An urban adventure that solicits your neurons as much as your cardio!



Average score Google : 4,9/5
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