City Treasure Hunts

Discovering the History of Lyon

Discover the history of Lyon in a fun and educational team activity. Choose a treasure hunt theme and embark on the adventure. Waypoints to find, puzzles to solve and challenges to overcome to hope to win over the other teams! An original experience to enjoy with family or friends!

City Treasure Hunts
Treasure Hunt in Lyon

A fun and educational adventure to discover the history of Lyon

City Treasure Hunts
City Treasure Hunts
2h30 of treasure hunt
City Treasure Hunts
7 km circuit
City Treasure Hunts
15-50 participants
City Treasure Hunts
3-5 players per team
City Treasure Hunts
10-12 places to discover
City Treasure Hunts
gifts at the end

Provided materials

Treasure hunt "Discovering Lyon"

City Treasure Hunts
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City Treasure Hunts

Gallo-roman Lyon

City Treasure Hunts


City Treasure Hunts

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City Treasure Hunts


City Treasure Hunts

The silk industry


“An authentic discovery of Lyon”
“Très bonne idée pour découvrir Lyon d’une autre manière”
“Great to discover Lyon through a team sporting challenge!”
“Great game to discover Lyon and its history at a run!”

“We had a great time thanks to Explora Lyon, which prepared a race for us with various themes. There were 12 of us and we all enjoyed the concept, the organization, the challenges, and the friendly prize giving. Thank you Explora!”

Charlene A

“We asked Joseph to organize an exploration of the district of La Croix Rousse for us and our families who were visiting us in Lyon. Young and old (from 5 to 68 years old), the 17 participants fell unanimously on the quality organization, routes and puzzles offered: we discovered our neighborhood in a new light, understood a little better its history and its richness, all this while having fun in a great team spirit and gentle competition!

Julien D
“An original way to (re)discover Lyon, with many historical and cultural anecdotes in a friendly and sporty atmosphere. I highly recommend!”
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