Corporate Team Building

Team building experience based on Lyon and its history

A team building that is both fun and educational to unite your teams. A discovery of the History of Lyon where collaboration and communication are essential to win. An adventure in the city that requires you to solve puzzles and answer questions related to history to get a good score and hope to be part of the winning teams.

Corporate Team Building

Many companies already trust us to help them develop their team cohesion. Possibility of tailor-made routes.

Companies and associations

Organize your Team Building event with ExploraLyon

Corporate Team Building

Do you want to organize a Team Building activity to strengthen the cohesion of your teams?

Our treasure hunts and orienteering on the History of Lyon are the perfect way to get your teams to collaborate while having a fun and instructive time in our beautiful city of Lyon.

Contact us and together we will define the format and content of this operation according to your needs and constraints.

Your personalized event

Discovering Lyon

A discovery of the History of Lyon from the Gallo-Roman era to the present day, passing through the Renaissance and the modern era.

Corporate Team Building
Corporate Team Building
2h00 to 2h30 of treasure hunt
Corporate Team Building
7 km circuit
Corporate Team Building
10-60 participants
Corporate Team Building
5 players per team
Corporate Team Building
10-15 places to discover
Corporate Team Building
gifts at the end

Departure and arrival points set with you

Provided materials

Team Building in Lyon

A teambuilding experience on the history of Lyon
acclaimed by companies!

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to prepare your event

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